Get More Out of Low Pressure Exercise by Learning Basic High Intensity Exercises

Like many other triathletes I am always looking for ways to get more out of low intensity exercise. This is no different than going to the gym to get more out of lifting weights. I want to get more out of low intensity exercise.

In this article I am going to share with you some basic things to do when exercising. These activities have the same names as the intensity – low, moderate and high. The first definition given to intensity is an effort level that the body can sustain for extended time periods. พากย์ไทย The second definition is the level of work that the body can perform on a muscle. Many of these activities try to maintain a fairly constant heart rate. You should develop an understanding of the body’s physiological response to exercise. You may be excellent at one activity and be quite vested in it, so you feel a little threatened when you are challenged especially if you feel like your level of effort has decreased.

There are numerous research studies I’ve read that reveal that exercise at a specific intensity may cause lasting changes in brain chemistry. It may lead to better health or the ability to function better even in advanced age. Knowledge about the possible medical benefits and health problems may guide you in your training and also may serve as a source of information should you have health-related concerns.

A few of the low intensity activities are:

  1. Swimming2. Toe-lifting3. bicycling4. White-collar worker

For high intensity activities you can include:1. An exercise bike2. A road race3. นัดเย็ดสวิงกิ้ง A body-training program4. A high-impact aerobics class5. A high-impact workout at a gym6. A squat/ pressing movement that requires a lot of muscular strength may be safer than squats and cables.

There are of course many activities that make up a total triathlon. I will only list a few.

  1. Sprint triathlon2. Iron-man triathlon3. 50K4. 100K

The following is an overview in terms of the equipment you’ll need.

  1. A swimmer might need goggles, a swim cap, swim gloves, swim hood, swim goggles, swim nose clip, swim floatant, a swim phone/ Peeler/GPS, a swim cap, float gloves, a swim tie-down strap and floaties.
  2. A cyclist might need a bike. A road bike, light racing bike, a roadrace bike, a unicycle or a unicycle race bike.
  3. A swimmer will need a wetsuit, start kit, swim outfit (soccer jersey) and triathlon shoes.

Most people will not need sunglasses because they often wear glasses. Some might use contact lense to reduce the “spidering” effect of sunglasses. หีเด็กมหาลัย The spidering effect is the curve of the lens causing yellow glare.

A beginner triathlete might start with a sprint triathlon either indoors or outdoors. Once they master the basics they can move on to a half iron-man distance event. A beginner also knows that the first two events are based on Functional Threshold Training and their typical times are much slower. The average age for a sprint triathlete is in the mid-twenties.

From the go it should not be a dilemma to determine what distance and type of event. All you need to remember about is choose something that is challenging but not disheartening. หนังผี Your training will definitely be more effective when you do your long workouts but by the same token do not make them too long. Studies have shown doing three hour events are not beneficial. Instead, strive for five or six hour single paced swims, bike rides, run or swim sessions. Make these challenging activities first ones and then move on to others once you have your base fitness levels established.

Remember, do not be discouraged if you do not feel your best immediately. Equipment error or lack of knowledge can definitely contribute to not being comfortable on the start. If you find you are wobbling on the swim try to get a swim coach or swim buddy to push you in the water. It is also important to focus on proper breathing and have a plan to remain calm and relaxed in the water.

Looking forward on improving your time over distance is very beneficial. Youth is wasted on thinking you can not do so because you haven’t ventured into the water for a few weeks or months. When you are young, it is easy to focus on not finishing quick because your fitness levels are not down. หนังxญี่ปุ่น You can only improve with time and there is no need to be discouraged when you experience setback during your training.

The only way to improve is to put your mind to it. You need to be dedicated to doing your training.