Puppy Training – Why We Have to Stop Doing It

Are you one of the 100% proud owners of a new puppy?

Are you looking for easy tips on how to puppy train your dog or puppy?

Are you having problems that show you have no control over your puppy or even an understanding of how to prevent your puppy from chewing or biting instilled into him early? Don’t be embarrassed, many people need to find this out!

It is a normal behaviour for puppies to chew. They naturally chew to help them with the painful process of cutting their teeth. Sometime in their life they need to chew to help with teething or injure themselves and it is important that this natural behaviour not be restricted.

If you allow this natural behaviour to be controlled, you will eliminate the need for you to constantly reprimand your puppy. When they are teething they are going to chew everything available. They are also shedding their baby teeth and you want to get as much new teeth and jaw harden to aid this process. พริตตี้โชว์หี So it is important to regulate this process as well as the amount of food being provided. regulate their eating time and provide them with a range of teas and chew foods to prevent this process.

You must ensure that you supply your puppy with toys that are only toys as they can be dangerous. หนังไม่ควรพลาด They can be filled with treats which will keep your puppy engaged, they are often hollow and constructed to provide an oral cavity which is easy to access and provides for many years of chewing pleasure

Puppies will naturally want to chew on this and we need to help them understand the difference between an acceptable item to chew, and an unacceptable item.

Managing this process is not difficult and by following a few simple rules you will achieve wonders for your puppy.

1) Anytime your puppy is acting in an unacceptable behaviour, remember to praise them immediately by saying their name and saying ‘good dog’. This will reinforce their positive behaviour and they will learn from this.

2) You need to deter this behaviour when they are young. You can achieve this through constant watching of your puppy and catching them in the act right when they are going to do this behaviour. นัดเย็ดสวิงกิ้ง It may prove to be harder at the start of their new life but it is possible.

3) You can no longer scold your puppy when they are caught in the act. This will only confuse them and make them think that whatever they are doing at that time is what is wrong. Remember that your puppy will not comprehend what they are being scolded for at this stage and that scolding will only help to make them feel worse.

4) You must take away any food or treats gradually to a time where they don’t feel the need to chew on them. However you must ensure that you always have appropriate toys available. This can also include random toys because your puppy will get bored if they find no toys to chew on.

5) You must always take your puppy outside and get them good and familiar with it. This will help to eliminate the urge to chew and it will help to meet their natural urges.

6) You must learn how to take the things that they are chewing on outside. This will teach them that this cannot be kept put and they will learn to chew on appropriate things.

7) Train your puppy to trade what they are chewing on to you. This can mean a squeaky toy to a dog is like a party pooch in the make of a puzzle. Reward them when they bring it to you and then take it away.

8) You must stop your puppy biting even when they are small puppies. This may seem cute and there is no harm in it. หีเด็กมหาลัย However you are training your puppy that it is acceptable to bite human skin and to chew on your fingers or other things that you have.

9) If your puppy is biting and you are not sure why you should consider the fact that puppies have pain feelings and that they may be scared or simply not feeling well. หนังติดชาร์ทรายสัปดาห์ They may bite to relieve this feeling. You may find that taking them to the vets for a check up will help you crack the problem.

10) You may want to consider crate training. You may want to think about keeping them in a space where they cannot get to any furniture, books, mobile phones, and other items. This will not only save your furniture but will mean that you can be somewhere else and they cannot get to you.

A trained puppy is a happy puppy and so is you.